Algebra 2 – Progress as of Monday, July 1

No more formal lectures.  All material has been covered.

On Monday, July 1 we’ll do a sample exam 3 to review Chapters 8 and 9.

On Tuesday, July 2, we’ll do a sample Final Exam.

You may take Exam 3 and the Final the week in class for your 10 big bonus points.

Last day of the class is Friday, July 5.  No class on Thursday, July 4.

To give you an accurate reflection of what your grade is as of now, all work that should be completed, but isn’t, has been issued a zero.  Your grade average in mymathlab will reflect that.  Now of course if you do those homeworks and quizzes, whatever grade you get will overwrite the zero.  So get that work done!

Remember when the course is scheduled to be officially done, July 5 @ 12:30pm, then that’s it.  The course shuts down, I submit the grades, and we get a divorce.  It’s over!