Algebra – Progress as of Thursday, July 12

As of Thursday, July 12, we finished Sections 6.1 to 6.4 and did all of Section 6.5 except for the word problems.  On Monday, July 16 we will do those word problems and review chapter 6 by doing a sample Exam 1.   You need to complete all the homework and quizzes for Chapter 6 before you attempt Exam 1.  Do as much of Section 6.5 as you can.

To give you an accurate reflection of what your grade is as of now, all work that should be completed, but isn’t, has been issued a zero.  Your grade average in mymathlab will reflect that.  Now of course if you do those homeworks and quizzes, whatever grade you get will overwrite the zero.  So get that work done!

I enabled Exam 1 which covers Chapters 6.  It will be due Friday, July 20 at 11:59.  You have two takes; the better grade of the two is used.  Remember, if you use a take(s) after the due date, there will be a 10 point deduction from the grade on that take.

From the syllabus:

Exams can also be taken at home.  They have a due date. Exams submitted before the due date receive full credit. Exams submitted afterward get a 10 point reduction. You get 2 takes on exams. The greater of the two gets entered in the system.

Also, please remember the final day and time for all exams, quizzes and homework to be submitted is:  August 9 at 11:59pm