CSC-111 – Introduction to Java Programming for Online Learners

An optional resource but highly suggested supplement for this course.  I’ll be using this video series to supplement my lectures.  I’ll also be using the videos as the basis for an online Intro to Java course that will hopefully be running Spring 2019:

Udemy Course – Introduction to Java Programming for Online Learners

This course can be purchased for as little as $9.99.  Not bad!

Links and Resources for Java Courses

Liang 11th Edition Resources

Common Resources

Sign up for a GitHub Account

If you going to be a programmer, then github is a site you’ll need to use.

Go here: and create an account for yourself.  We will be using github for homework submissions.

In particular the part of github we’ll  be using is the gist function located here:

You can submit multi-file projects under just one URL! You also have a record of all your work in one convenient location.