Algebra – Progress as of Tuesday, June 12

As of Tuesday, June 12, we finished Chapter 6.  You need to complete all the homework and quizzes for Chapter 6.

To give you an accurate reflection of what your grade is as of now, all work that should be completed, but isn’t, has been issued a zero.  Your grade average in mymathlab will reflect that.  Now of course if you do those homeworks and quizzes, whatever grade you get will overwrite the zero.  So get that work done!

On Tuesday, we’ll go over a sample exam 1 as a review.  Exam 1 covers Chapter 6 only.  We’ll also do Section 7.1 which will not be on the exam.

After the class, I’ll enable Exam 1 so you may take it at home.  It will be due Friday, June 15 11:50pm.  If you want to earn an additional 10 big bonus points for a total of 110 points, you may take the exam in class on Thursday, June 14.  The additional 10 points is for going the traditional, old school route on learning.

Algebra – Welcome to Professor Silvestri’s Courses

  • There are math lecture videos based on our textbook.  You can access them here:    Algebra Videos      (This is STCC’s portal website.  You’ll need to login with your Webadvisor credentials.) If you miss a class or need another prospective on the material, give these videos a try.
  • To take these courses, you must have access to a computer as this will be a hybrid lecture / online study course.  We will be using So you must purchase the Student Access Code package and register using the appropriate Course Code (ID) shown above.
  • (Optional Textbook) Introductory Algebra through Applications, 3rd Edition, Akst and Bragg, 2012, Pearson Education, ISBN: 9780321746696