Algebra – MyMathLab Course ID

MAT-087-D01 Algebra 1 Spring 2019 MWF 8:00am
Course ID:   silvestri83368  

MAT-097-D03 Algebra 2 Spring 2019 MWF 11:10am
Course ID: silvestri56417

MAT-097-E60 Algebra 2 Spring 2019 Th 5:30pm
Course ID: silvestri96574

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If you have an idea for an app that you think would be useful, would benefit a student, or would make the world a better place, please share ( ), and if it isn’t too involved, and I have the time, I’ll code the problem and make it a special app.

Great Algebra Courses!!!

Want to take a lecture course, but do your exams at home…then these Algebra courses are for you!

Hello!  My name is Prof. Tony Silvestri, and this is a quick note to make you aware of the Algebra courses I am teaching this Spring 2019.

I have 1 section scheduled:

  • MAT-087-D01 on MWF 8:00am  (Algebra 1)
  • MAT-097-D03 on MWF at 10:10am (Algebra 2)
  • MAT-097-E60 on Th evening at 5:30pm (Algebra 2)

What sets my courses apart from many of the other Algebra courses is I try to eliminate the anxiety many students have towards math.  I do this by allowing you to take the exams AT HOME where you can take your time, use your notes, and other resources!

If that isn’t enough, you get 2 takes on the exam.  The better grade of the two takes gets entered in your record!

This idea of home testing may be controversial to some who teach a traditional lecture class.  But my experience with this technique showed much more student success than what tradition offers.

Another feature that sets this course apart from the online courses is that you get to listen to me describe what’s needed to solve the algebra problems.

I also provide some special apps I wrote that you can use to help you navigate through your algebra 2 journey.  Check them out here:  Special Apps!

Here is an unsolicited comment a student emailed me about my course:

I was so bad at math during my HS times, idk why but being in your class, math makes sense and i can understand.. for example, i’m weakest at graphing and never understood, but being in your class, i’ve improve and i can feel it. Well, good luck to me. PS, you are too funny sometime.

It is nice to get comments like that!

So if you have an algebra phobia, or if you just want to increase your level math proficiency to prepare for college level math, then this is the course for you!

To take my courses, you must have access to a computer as this will be a hybrid lecture / online study course.  We will be using

If you like what you’ve read, just go into your webadvisor account, and do the necessary add/drop of classes. 

Questions about this course? Email me:

Algebra – Welcome to Professor Silvestri’s Algebra Courses

  • There are math lecture videos based on our textbook.  You can access them here:    Algebra Videos      (This is STCC’s portal website.  You’ll need to login with your Webadvisor credentials.) If you miss a class or need another prospective on the material, give these videos a try.
  • To take these courses, you must have access to a computer as this will be a hybrid lecture / online study course.  We will be using So you must purchase the Student Access Code package and register using the appropriate Course Code (ID) shown above.
  • (Optional Textbook)  Introductory Algebra through Applications, 3rd Edition, Akst and Bragg, 2012, Pearson Education, ISBN: 9780321746696algebratext
  • (Free Textbook)  Bedinelli Algebra 1 Textbook
  • (Free Textbook)  Bedinelli Algebra 2 Textbook