MyMathLab Course IDs

MAT-078-E53 Pre-Algebra Fall 2019 W 6pm
Course ID: silvestri75487

MAT-087-D03 Algebra 1 Fall 2019 MWF 9:05am
Course ID: silvestri65402

MAT-087-D14 Algebra 1 Fall 2019 TTh 9:30am
Course ID: silvestri24514

If you have already taken Algebra 1 here at STCC and used the Pearson system, use the Pearson account you already have and register with the course id. You may not even have to purchase another course code id!

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I have some ideas for apps to add to this website, so please visit every now and then.

If you have an idea for an app that you think would be useful, would benefit a student, or would make the world a better place, please share ( ), and if it isn’t too involved, and I have the time, I’ll code the problem and make it a special app.

Welcome to Professor Silvestri’s Math Courses

  • There are math lecture videos based on our textbook.  You can access them here:    Algebra Videos      (This is STCC’s portal website.  You’ll need to login with your Webadvisor credentials.) If you miss a class or need another prospective on the material, give these videos a try.
  • To take these courses, you must have access to a computer as this will be a hybrid lecture / online study course.  We will be using So you must purchase the Student Access Code package and register using the appropriate Course Code (ID) shown above.
  • (Optional Textbook for Algebra)  Introductory Algebra through Applications, 3rd Edition, Akst and Bragg, 2012, Pearson Education, ISBN: 9780321746696algebratext
  • (Free Textbook)   Bedinelli Pre Algebra TextBook
  • (Free Textbook)  Bedinelli Algebra 1 Textbook
  • (Free Textbook)  Bedinelli Algebra 2 Textbook