CSC-111 HW10 Two Dimensional Array Assignment

Due: Tuesday, December 11, 11:59pm

Watch the video on this page: CSC-111 Videos titled “LiangCh08 – Even Number Of Ones“.  You’ll notice the author was struggling on finding a matrix that satisfied the condition that all rows and all columns in a matrix have an even number of ones.

Let’s help him out by creating a program that will print out such a matrix.  The matrix will consist of random ones and zeros.

Use our template to ask the user repeatedly whether they would like to display another such matrix.  With each run, you will ask the user for the number of rows and the number of columns in the matrix.  You’ll then repeatedly randomly generate a matrix of ones and zeros with those dimensions until the required condition of all rows and all columns have an even number of ones is met.

Upon finding this matrix, you’ll of course print it out.

Happy Computing!