CSC-112 Exam #2 Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights Simulator

Write a JavaFX application that simulates a traffic light.
The program allows the user select one of three lights: red, yellow, or green.
When the Red button is pressed, the red light is turned on; when the yellow
button is clicked, then the yellow light turns on, etc. The red light is on
when the program starts.

Place 3 buttons centered at the bottom of the application. Use
normal buttons and nothing else.

Depending on the button pressed, an
image will be displayed. Copy the images and put them in your project.
Do not link to them. Each image is 275px x 510px. You do
not need to make the images that big in your app. Images of the traffic lights are shown below:

Send me a gist of the source code to . Please DEMO your
application when you’re finished.