CSC-112 – HW6 Complex Numbers Using RegEx GUI

Due: Saturday March 2, 11:59pm

We just can’t let go of Complex Numbers!

Construct a GUI that looks something like this:

This GUI is going to support entering complex numbers as strings. Remember the constructor that takes a string in HW3? HW7 will involve the actual Regular Expression (RegEx) implementation of the complex number string constructor. We will be using regular expressions to perform the task of converting strings to complex numbers. Not officially knowing what regular expression are at this point, let’s start by getting a GUI created that will support them. The GUI will ultimately call that constructor.

The textboxes will hold actual complex number strings of the form

a + bi, a, or bi

For now, when you click on the equals button, have textbox C display “Not Yet Implemented“.

Be sure to put your name on the GUI at that bottom and POST it to your site.

This is not an extra credit homework. You will build this using JavaFX! No JOptionPanes or any other old technology.

Extra Credit can be obtained if you embellish the app in some way. i.e.

  • use tooltips
  • use placeholder text
  • if you click the equals, a popup box shows that does something cool
  • Add a button that clears the GUI.
  • Whatever you think would be cool.