Future of Algebra 2

As you know, there is a strong possibility that we will not be able to meet in the classic lecture setting.  We may need to transition to a completely online format.

Fortunately, for Algebra 2, this should not be a big issue as we are using mymathlab and the materials found on the website lend itself to the online world.  What you won’t be receiving are the wonderful, engaging lectures provided by yours truly.

Online study requires that you watch videos and take advantage of the other resources attached to the material.  For many that won’t be a problem; for some its a matter of just doing it.

So to help with the transition to online learning, I’ve enabled all the exams and limited the number of takes from 3 to 5.  This way you can finish the course early with no restrictions.

Lets try to get past this sad state of affairs.  If you get bored at home, do some math!

Stay safe and keep healthy!