Future of CSC-112

Hopefully my issues have been resolved. But I come back to a world that is totally changed. A world that is not conducive to my classic teaching style of lecture/testing.

This new world might not even allow us to meet in a classroom again!

So I’m in the process of working with the textbook publishers to get CSC-112 students access to the online version of the material. The online version isn’t as project based as what I’ve used in my classes. It’s more a series of short answer homework problem sets that offer some small interactive programming assignments. There may not even be tests! Not sure till I dive into the software.

Many people will probably like the new format; some will not. However, COVID-19 is going to force us all to change the way we learn material.

I will let you know about the codes and how to access this new homework approach.

Try to enjoy the Spring Break.