HW8 Computing Standard Deviation with Solution


Due: Friday, November 15 11:59pm

Problem 7.11 (Computing Deviation) page 278.  Write your program to read a data file. You’ll prompt for a filename and use that name to open and read a data file.  You may either read the data off your machine’s hard drive as a file, or read it from a website.  Assume the data file has an integer as its first number that indicates the number of data points that follow in the file.  Here is some sample code to read the data: Sample Data File Reading Code

Make sure you use the Application Template so you can process multiple data files.  Code as many methods as you can that make sense to create this application.

Here are 3 different data files.  Download and copy them into your project folder.   They are also located on my website:  https://cs.stcc.edu/~silvestri/csc111/

These data files were generated from a website: https://random.org/