HW8 Recursion 12pt Homework With Solution

Solution by A.C. Silvestri

Problem inspired by this article: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-impress-interviewers-by-using-recursion-in-javascript-with-es6-features-a14c763110d7

Due: Monday, Nov. 18, 11:59pm

Using recursive techniques only!

Write a function that takes as input a String and returns a “report” on the frequency of characters in the String.

ie input: “bbbdaacccced”

output: [{‘b’, 3}, {d, 2}, {c, 4}, {a, 2}, {e, 1}]

The “report” needs to be an ArrayList and each element of the ArrayList is a class that wraps a character and its count.  Much like a “BabyName”?

Do not give me a solution that doesn’t involve an ArrayList.

Of course, use the template.