JDK 10 USB Portable Environment

  • Download this 612MB zip file
  • Unzip the contents onto a freshly formatted USB drive.
  • Make sure the root of the USB has these 3 directories: eclipse, Java, workspace, and 1 file called js.cmd.
  • When you want to start coding in this environment, click the js.cmd file. It will launch eclipse.
  • Projects get stored in the workspace directory.
  • Be sure to exit eclipse and wait for the shell window to close. Then eject the USB drive, or you will lose your work!

Why JDK 10? It’s the last version of the JDK that has JavaFX built in. JavaFX is a technology that allows building GUI code. We will use that technology in the CSC-112 Intermediate Java course.

That’s not to say the newer JDKs can’t compile JavaFX. It’s that JavaFX is a separate download and is a chore to incorporate in the JDK.