PreAlg – Progress as of Friday, Dec 7

As of Friday, December 7,  we did a review of Exam 3. 

To give you an accurate reflection of what your grade is as of now, all work that should be completed, but isn’t, has been issued a zero.  Your grade average in mymathlab will reflect that.  Now of course if you do those homeworks, quizzes, and tests, whatever grade you get will overwrite the zero.  So get that work done!  All homework and quizzes should be done by now!

Exam 3 is available now and is due Wednesday, December 12 11:59pm.

On Monday, Dec 10 we’ll do a review of the entire course by doing a sample Final Exam.  The Final Exam will be enabled right after that.  It will be due the very last second this course is supposed to end, Monday Dec 17 at 12:00pm.

The course will shutdown at that time, and there is no way to access it after that. There’s no extra credit or extensions on time.

Happy Holidays!