PreAlg – Progress as of Wednesday, Nov 21

As of Wednesday, November 21, we finished Section 10.1 If you didn’t attend that class, please watch the video on that section.  Here are the instructions to view the videos:

To give you an accurate reflection of what your grade is as of now, all work that should be completed, but isn’t, has been issued a zero.  Your grade average in mymathlab will reflect that.  Now of course if you do those homeworks, quizzes, and tests, whatever grade you get will overwrite the zero.  So get that work done!

Remember, the last day to withdraw from a class is Tuesday, November 27.  If you haven’t been keeping up with the work, have a low grade average, or have missed a multitude of classes, please drop the class. I will issue a failing grade if your average is below a 60.  To continue on to Algebra 1, you must earn a minimum of a 70.