Random Thoughts and Announcements

If you are sick of the ads displayed on the website, install an ad blocker in your Chrome or Firefox browser. You should have one installed already. Never use IE.

I’m not going to send out many more emails. You know you need to check the website for updates.

A question was asked about the short answer problems and their point values. I do get an indication of the work you do in answering the simple questions. Keep doing those quick answer problems.

The programming problems form most of your grade and are graded the same as before this catastrophe.

As far as the 1’s and 0’s assignment is concerned, there are two ways to approach the problem. 1) use TextField controls and fill them with the text of a 1 or a 0. or 2) Use a Text Node inside a StackPane to center it. You will probably have issues with sizing; don’t worry too much about that. Looking at my solution will clear things up. In the meantime, use the .setPrefSize() method to set a Node’s size.

Look at my Chinese Flag solution for guidance as to the proper way to structure your code.